Uganda Bukonzo Dream

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Uganda Bukonzo Dream

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Bukonzo Dream is back and better than ever!

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Uganda Bukonzo Dream
For the second year running, we have sourced this amazing coffee from our friends at Omwani. The name ‘Bukonzo Dream’ originated from the Bakonzo tribe people of Uganda. Holding brave and friendly traits they warmly welcome people who dream of being able to provide better opportunities for each generation.  
Bukonzo Dream is a fantastic lot from the Kisinga Coffee Station, collected by nearly 400 farmers. The coffee is harvested by hand with each farmer carefully selecting only the most perfect ripe cherries, and then processed using the natural method.  The result is an incredible fruit salad of flavours. We're getting notes of redcurrant, kiwi and baked peach, accompanied by a fantastic, creamy mouthfeel.


Rwenzori Mountains


Approximately 400 smallholder farmers

Farm/Milling Station:

Kisinga Washing Station



Varietal (s):

SL14, SL28


1,800-2,000 metres above sea level

Sourcing Partner:


Roasters Notes Bukonzo Dream
Bukonzo Dream is back and better than ever! Since we roasted last year's crop, the team behind this amazing coffee have continued to hone their craft to create something wonderful. From the first sip, this coffee bursts with fruit; zingy kiwi sits beautifully with soft, sweet peach, all held together with a fantastic creaminess.
About Uganda
Uganda is one of the few countries with indigenous coffee, with native varieties of Robusta growing wild in the rainforests flanking Lake Victoria.

Arabica was introduced at the start of the 20th century and, despite devaluation of coffee in the 1980s, Uganda is poised to produce ever better specialty grade Arabica.

The main harvest of Kent, Typica, SL-14 and SL-28 varieties takes places between October and March, with a second, fly crop from April to August.

Expect a dark fruit sweetness and clean finish.

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