Kenya Ainabtany AA

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Kenya Ainabtany AA

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Muscovado sugar

This fully washed AA grade Kenyan coffee is super fruity. We are loving the notes of blackcurrant and muscovado sugar sweetness.


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Region: Kericho & Bomet county

Producer: Lot 20

Milling station: Ainabtany

Process: Fully washed

Varietal: SL28 & 34

Altitude: 1750m

Sourcing Partner: Omwani

This fully washed AA grade Kenya coffee comes from the Lot 20 group. They work with a group of coffee producers from Kericho and Bomet counties in the southern part of the Rift Valley in Kenya. They are passionate about farming and have goals to produce delicious coffee that showcases the beauty of their region.

Not only does this coffee taste incredible, it is also being traded in a completely new way. Most coffee in Kenyan is sold through auction, making sourcing transpareny really difficult. Lot 20 however is trying something new: exporting their coffee themselves. All Lot 20 coffees have limited releases since they are sourced from small micro-lots deemed to be exceptional examples of farming innovation that create unique flavour experiences.

Lot 20 has two pulping stations: one in Kericho East, Fort Tenan, which has a capacity of 15 tonnes per season, and one in Kericho West, Cheribo which is currently under construction. There is also a dry milling factory. In an effort to support the local community and encourage coffee cultivation as a source of income, Lot 20 has also established a nursery alongside their mill in Sossiot. With the support of the Kericho county government, the group has trained farmers in various aspects of coffee farming.

Roaster's Notes Ainabtany AA
We always look forward to the Kenyan coffees arriving and this one is gorgeous. It's so clean, bright and fruity. I'm loving it on filter - you can really taste all those nuanced flavours. I reckon this coffee is best brewed using pour over, filter or cafetière. Although it's also tasting great through the AeroPress.
About Kenya
The Kenyan coffee industry is renowned for its investment in research, which has led to the development of a large number of experimental varieties, of which SL-28 and SL-34 are particularly valued for their high quality.

Since the 1950s, coffee has been grown both on large estates and on smallholdings which use local washing stations to process their crops. With Kenyan coffees, you can expect sweetness, intense acidity, and complex fruit flavours.

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