Ethiopia Sidama Abore G1

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Ethiopia Sidama Abore G1

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Black Tea
Orange Zest
A juicy, zesty belter from the Abore washing station in southern Ethiopia.

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Farm: Abore Washing Station

Varietal: JARC Selection 74110 & 74112

Processing: Natural

Altitude: 1,920 to 2,020 metres above sea level

Origin: Bombe, Sidama

Nestled by a beautiful waterfall in high, fertile Sidama, in southern Ethiopia, the Abore washing station at Bombe processes coffee produced by just over one thousand smallholder farmers.

Each year, up to six thousand tonnes of coffee are milled here. The cherries are selectively picked by hand, with only the ripest being selected and submerged in water tanks to sort them by density and quality.

The sorted cherries are then moved to traditional raised beds lined with mesh nets, where they are rotated every thirty minutes, to prevent over-fermentation, over a period of about two weeks. Once they have dried, they are taken by motorbike or horseback to the mill, where they are hulled and packed, ready for export.

This light bodied coffee has a silky mouthfeel and all the notes of bergamot and black tea which you might expect from an Ethiopian. Underlying that is a zingy, but not too sweet, zestiness of orange.

Roasters Notes Ethiopia Sidama Abore G1
Buttery and packed with orange zestiness, this coffee reminds me of marmalade on toast. Add a load of juiciness and a light body, and it's basically breakfast in a cup.
About Ethiopia
Where it all began, Ethiopia is where coffee was first consumed by humans, albeit as a fruit rather than a beverage.

From wild coffee, harvested in the verdant forest, to garden coffee, grown around the homesteads of smallholder farmers, to vast estates of meticulously but intensively farmed trees, Ethiopia offers a stunningly diverse crop.

Typically harvested between October and February, Ethiopian coffees are often brilliantly fruity and floral, with notes of bergamot, and elegant complexity.

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