Brazil Rio Brilhante

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Brazil Rio Brilhante

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Creme Brûlée

Anaerobic fermentation gives this microlot intense fruitiness and a creamy mouthfeel.


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Brazil Rio Brilhante
Made up of 55 separate counties, the region of Cerrado Mineirocan be found to the east of Minas Gerais, one of the primary coffee-growing regions of Brazil. Famed for its quality coffee production, the region ranges from 1,000 to 1,250 metres above sea level, providing ideal conditions for coffee production due to the perfect balance of wet and dry seasons. This exceptional quality is noted to result from a combination of climate, soil, terrain and the general know-how of its people, something Inacio is proud to be a part of. Inacio originally named his farm Rio Brilhante, translating in English as ‘bright river’, to honour the clear crystal water that provides life to his farm. Rio Brilhante takes part in a number of social projects; their main being ‘Seeds of Change’, a programme focused on helping Rio Brilhante staff to learn skills such as reading, writing and calculating in everyday life. The driving force behind this scheme is that staff are constantly being faced with new challenges, both at work and home, in our modern world.




Inacio Carlos Urban

Farm/Milling Station:

Rio Brilhante


Anaerobic Fermentation

Varietal (s):



1,050 metres above sea level

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Roasters Notes Brazil Rio Brilhante
Our first anaerobic fermentation, and our first single origin offering from Rio Brilhante, this coffee takes me on a journey like Willy Wonka's never-ending gobstopper. I'm getting intense bubblegum on the first sip, cooling to a smooth, sugary finish. It's wild and delicious, and I'm absolutely loving it.
About Brazil
Smuggled into Brazil in 1727 by a Portuguese soldier, after seducing a Governor's wife in French Guiana, around 40% of all coffee in the world is produced in Brazil - around 3.7 million metric tons annually - making it the powerhouse of world coffee production.

Typically, Brazil naturally processes its coffee, but has recently started to experiment with washed and pulped lots.

Brazilian coffees are usually associated with sweet caramel and chocolate notes, big bodies, and a relatively low acidity.

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