Coffee Adventure Subscription

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Coffee Adventure Subscription

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Let's go on an adventure with a different coffee every month! Choose from 250g or 1kg on either a prepaid subscription, or a rolling monthly payment.

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Go on a coffee adventure! Taste your way around the world with our rolling coffee subscription.

We’ll send you a different single origin coffee every month, along with detailed tasting notes about the coffee. There are so many origins, processes and varieties of coffee to try, and this is a brilliant way to find your new favourite!

Choose from 250g or 1kg.

What you’ll get in the post:

  • 250g or 1kg bag of freshly roasted coffee. You can choose whole bean or a ground to suit your brew method
  • Detailed notes about the coffee, including information on the producing country, the farm, bean varietal and processing methods and tasting notes
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