Five years old and five golden beans!
Five years old and five golden beans!
December 06, 2023
We are FIVE years old. We can't quite believe that it was five years ago when our shiny new red Diedrich IR12 arrived in a crate from the US and we had to work out a) how to move it and b) how to roast on it.
We've come quite a way since then, with a few awards under our belt, an expanded roastery, a cafe, a team of four, all our brilliant wholesale and retail customer plus loads and loads and loads more coffee knowledge.
We couldn't have done it without the brilliant partners and supporters who helped us along the way, including Business Gateway and Highlands & Island Enterprise, Food From Argyll and all the great local businesses we've collaborated with, our green bean importers (especially Stephen at Mercanta who is an absolute legend) and all the people in the speciality coffee scene who has been so, so welcoming. 
But most of all we couldn't have done it without you - the amazing people who buy our coffee! It means the absolute world to us. So we decided to do a little Willy Wonka-style giveaway to celebrate and say thanks.
We asked local jewellery maker Juno Jewellery to make us five golden beans. We’ll be popping a golden bean in five packages that we send out from the roastery over the next five working days, starting from Wednesday 6th December. We'll be doing one a day. 
If you find a golden bean you win an exclusive Northern Light + Polar Espresso Festive Duo Gift Set or a personalised tour of the roastery - your choice!
Don’t worry - the bean won’t be in your bag of coffee! You’ll find it within your parcel in a small red velvet pouch.
So you know what you need to do folks! Get those orders in and look out for a glint of gold…