Wholesale supply

Do you have a passion for great quality coffee? If you’re looking for wholesale speciality coffee supply, then get in touch.

As well as supplying speciality grade coffee, we provide support that will help you get the most out of your coffee, including equipment advice and free barista training for your staff.

Each batch of coffee we supply to our customers is carefully sourced and then roasted freshly to order. Alongside our house blend, we will offer a changing menu of seasonal single origin coffees which we can roast for either filter or espresso.

We roast regularly so you’re guaranteed the freshest coffee. Being based in Argylll, we are able to provide a responsive, flexible and personal service to local businesses.

Barista training

To get the most from your speciality beans, it’s essential to have tip top barista skills. Your staff need to be able to talk about the coffee they’re serving with confidence and they need to have the skills to prepare the highest quality coffee, from espresso to flat white. Our Barista Trainer will spend time with you and your staff perfecting their coffee know how. This can be done in our roastery or in-house.

Come and cup

We regularly ‘cup’ (taste) coffees for quality control. Our customers are very welcome to come and join us at the roastery for a cupping session. Our cuppings follow strict-protocol, and  we’d be delighted to show you how it works.

Get in touch

Every business is unique, and we are happy to spend time with you to discuss your coffee needs and aspirations. If you want to have a chat, just drop us a line. Or why not drop in for a coffee?