Tanzania lyenga AB

Tanzania lyenga AB

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Sweet and full-bodied with deliciously fruity flavours and big notes of blackcurrant. 250g.

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Blackcurrant | Brown sugar | Orange


Process: Fully washed, sun-dried

Elevation: 1,670 to 1,950m

From the Mbeya region of Tanzania, this full-bodied coffee delivers fantastically fruity flavours along with a gentle acidity and sweetness. You cannot miss the beautiful blackcurrant notes!

The coffee is produced by a Cooperative Society working with farmers within the Mbeya region of Tanzania, most of whom are located specifically within the Mbozi district. Their farms are very small in scale, ranging from 1 to 5 hectares and the farmers generally produce a variety of crops besides coffee, as well as keeping one or two cows. This portfolio approach helps mitigate the effects of unpredictable weather patterns and variable harvests, with coffee constituting a very valuable source of income in what can be a precarious existence.

Mindful of its provenance, we roast this wonderful produce relatively lightly in order to bring to the fore the intensely fruity and aromatic flavours which are typical of higher altitude African beans.

A mixture of the largest (A) and second largest (B) grade beans - hence Iyenga ‘AB’ - they work equally well whether given the espresso, cafetière or filter treatment.

Available as whole beans or ground to order.