Colombian Finca La Cecilia

Colombian Finca La Cecilia


From the mountainous Risaralda region, this coffee packs a punch with bold chocolate and nutty flavours and delicious fruity notes.

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Dark chocolate | Hazelnut | Plum

Varietal: Castillo Naranjal, Castillo Rosario

Processing: Fully washed & silo dried

Altitude: 1,580 metres above sea level

This coffee was grown at Finca La Cecilia in Vereda Las Delicias in the Risaralda region of Colombia. This mountainous Andean region is renowned for its exceptional speciality coffee. Coffee has been grown on the farm for many years. It’s current owner, Albeiro Alonso Ramirez, bought the farm in 2012 and set about replanting, renovating and improving the quality of the coffee produced. His huge effort is reflected in an excellent cup profile.

Most of the work on this small farm is done by Albeiro and his wife. The coffee is processed at Flor de Apía mill. Here it is sorted twice, first to remove stones and debris and then to remove any non-optimal cherries. The coffee is then pulped and fermented for around 16 hours. This lot was dried in a vertical silo with an agitation system and the heat source is the husk by product that is created when threshing the coffee. The pre-dried coffee was then taken to roof-top driers to finish drying in the sun and open air for around 24 hours.

Flor de Apía has succeeded in placing their partners’ coffee on international speciality markets, earning small producers, such as Albeiro Alonso, much higher prices for their product. With the resulting profits, the fruit of his work, Albeiro Alonso plans to improve his home so that he and his wife can live more comfortably.

This speciality-grade Arabica coffee is characterised by a sweetness, a mild acidity and a soft, well-rounded body. It is a fantastic all-rounder, making a delicious espresso or filter coffee.

The coffee beans have been medium roasted to let the flavours shine through while still retaining a satisfying kick.