Brazilian Fazenda da Lagoa

Brazilian Fazenda da Lagoa

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Sweet and well-rounded with a nutty flavour and chocolate notes. 250g

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Nutty | Chocolate | Butter


Process: Natural Process

Altitude: 1,100 metres

From the famous Brazilian coffee growing region of Sul de Minas, this coffee provides a well-rounded acidity, sweetness and a delicious nutty flavour with soft chocolate notes. The beans are grown on the Fazenda da Lagoa coffee farm, which has been run by the Vieira family for over 100 years. The farm’s location in Sul de Minas is in the heart of the inland state of Minas Gerais. Here, on the slopes of Serra do Pau D'Alho, some of Brazil’s finest coffee is produced.

This speciality-grade Arabica coffee is characterised by a golden sweetness, a mild acidity and a soft, well-rounded body. Enjoy sweet, soft nutty flavours, rich milk chocolate notes and an almost buttery finish. This is a fantastic Brazilian all-rounder, making a delicious espresso or filter coffee but equally well suited to the cappuccino or latte treatment.

The coffee is processed using the natural method, where the coffee is dried in the full cherry prior to de-pulping, providing intense flavours. The coffee beans have been medium roasted to let the flavours shine through while still retaining a satisfying kick. Harvested from July to November.

The farm is UTZ, 4C verified and Rainforest Alliance certified.

Available in whole beans or ground to order.