Hand-built in the Netherlands, this brewer looks great and makes excellent coffee.

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We LOVE the Technivorm MoccaMaster. Not only is it a seriously good-looking piece of kit, it also brews excellent coffee. With the option of brewing up to 1.25 litres of coffee in around six minutes, the MoccaMaster is great for the office or for entertaining.

Hand-built in the Netherlands, It’s one of the only brewers to be approved by the Speciality Coffee Association and produces a lovely cup that highlights the flavour profile of your speciality coffee. The perfect brewing temperature of 92° to 96°C means you hit the sweet spot with taste, while the 9-hole stainless steel outlet arm wets your coffee grounds efficiently.

It’s so simple to use and the hotplate, with dual-heat switch, keeps the coffee at 80°-85°C for 40 minutes.

For a limited time only, we’ll give you a free 250g bag of coffee, ground and ready for your Moccamaster.


- The brewing element switches off automatically after brewing
- Brew basket with automatic drip stop
- Jug lid with mixing tube
- Extra fire prevention: brewing element and hot plate work independently
- 1.25 litre (10 cups) within 6 minutes
- UK plug available
- High quality recyclable materials, BPA free
- Handmade in The Netherlands under strict quality control
- The removable parts easy to clean.

Technical details

Size H 36 cm, W 32 cm, D 17 cm
Weight 2,8kg
Power 1.520 W
Cord 135 cm
Coffee filter No. 4

The MoccaMaster comes with a few filter papers to get you going, but don’t forget to buy more filter papers here.