Ready, steady, roast

Setting up a new coffee roasting business takes time. We’ve been plotting and planning this for years. There’s the business plan, the training and the branding. Then there’s the kit. There’s a LOT of kit to buy. And the most important piece of kit by far is the roaster. We did loads of research into the make of roaster to invest in, and we always came back to the Diedrich.

We did most of our roasting training on a Diedrich and we liked it. For one thing, it’s a fine looking piece if kit. But most importantly it’s about the physics. Infrared burners and scientific heat exchanger technology mean you get an incredible control over the roasting process. And that means you get to maximize flavors of the beans. Diedrich roasters are hand-built by engineers in Ponderay, Idaho in the United States. You can really feel the quality of the machine. It has a high-grade carbon steel frame, aerospace grade fasteners, industrial grade motors, and the heaviest steel roasting drums in the business.

Crafting the perfect roasting machine takes time. Which is why our very own hand-built shiny red Diedrich IR 12 is currently making its way across the high seas on board a container ship. It’s due to dock on 21st December, which is quite a bit later than we’d planned for.

We don’t mind waiting, but we always had in mind that we’d ‘launch’ Argyll Coffee Roasters at our local Christmas market in Kames which takes place this Saturday (1st December). It’s a great event and we wanted to be part of it.

But without the roaster, what to do? Well, we decided to take some beans and roast small batches on our friend’s Diedrich in Edinburgh. This has given us just enough freshly roasted beans to sell at the market on Saturday with a few left over to sell online. We’ll be selling a beautiful Brazilian, an epic Ethiopian and a magnificent Mexican Decaf. They haven’t been roasted in Tighnabruaich – but the next batch definitely will be!

The Kames Producers’ Market is from 10am to 1pm in Kames Village Hall on Saturday 1st December. We’ll be heading over the Portavadie Christmas Market in the afternoon too. Hope to see you there!

Eve MacFarlane