Coffee on the wild side

We love where we live in Argyll on Scotland’s west coast. It’s a wild landscape, with rocky shores, remote beaches and ancient oak woodlands. It’s a great place to explore on foot, by bike or kayak. We reckon having a really good coffee is all part of the experience. Nothing beats a beach fire, a setting sun and a fresh coffee.

Making coffee outdoors is a ritual. From grinding the beans, to heating the water to brewing the drink. It’s great to share the experience with friends. It’s just as good to enjoy it on your own. We worked with photographer Ken Clark on a recent photo shoot to try and capture the experience. We wanted to to show the beauty of Argyll’s Secret Coast and capture our friends and family doing stuff they love in the outdoors – while drinking coffee! Here are some of our favourites.

Argyll coffee roasters-69.jpg
Argyll coffee roasters-121.jpg
Argyll coffee roasters-157.jpg
Argyll coffee roasters-174.jpg
Argyll coffee roasters-203.jpg
Argyll coffee roasters-249.jpg

You’ll see the photos feature a few bits of coffee kit that work well outdoors. The Porlex Mini Hand Grinder is an essential for any outdoor adventurer.  We all know that the flavour of coffee is best when ground just before brewing. This stainless steel mini hand grinder means you can grind fresh beans anywhere. It’s super compact and holds 21 grams of beans. The ceramic burrs give it a higher quality grinding mechanism, they don’t rust and they’re easy to clean. Plus the grinder can easily be adjusted to different grind settings.

It’s the perfect partner to the AeroPress, another great piece of coffee kit for the outdoors. This ingenious brewer works in a similar was to a cafetiere, basically acting as a big syringe. The plunger forces the water through the coffee and the paper filter and gives you a smooth, full flavoured brew. It’s unbreakable, compact and quick and easy to use.

Pack you Porlex and AreoPress and you can enjoy a great cup of coffee pretty much anywhere!

Eve MacFarlane